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Title: Nancy Till
Composer: I. D. K.
Publisher: Greenshields Brothers
Date: 185X

Title: The Negro boatman's song
Composer: Emerson, L. O. (Luther Orlando)
Publisher: Oliver Ditson & Co.
Date: 1862

Title: The Negro emancipation song
Composer: Webster, Joseph Philbrick
Publisher: H.M. Higgins
Date: 1862

Title: Niggah loves his possum : deed he do, do, do
Composer: Dresser, Paul
Publisher: Jerome H. Remick & Co.
Date: 1905

Title: Nigger blues
Composer: White, LeRoy Lasses
Publisher: Bush & Gerts
Date: 1913

Title: Nigger war bride blues
Composer: Le Blanc, Mitch
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.
Date: 1917

Title: Nightie night : (kiss yo' mammy nightie night)
Composer: Elliott, Eddie
Publisher: Pace & Handy Music Co. Inc.
Date: 1917

Title: No, no, positively no
Composer: Smith, Chris
Publisher: P.J. Howley Inc.
Date: 1907

Title: Nobody
Composer: Williams, Bert
Publisher: Attucks Music Co.
Date: c1905

Title: Nobody knows where John Brown went
Composer: Longbrake, Arthur
Publisher: Jos. Morris Co.
Date: 1909

Title: Nobody's lookin' but de owl an' de moon
Composer: Johnson, J. Rosamond (John Rosamond)
Publisher: Jos. W. Stern
Date: 1901

Title: Not lately : character song
Composer: Prince, Chas. A.
Publisher: Triangle Music Pub. Co.
Date: 1922

Title: Nothin' from nothin' leaves you
Composer: Snyder, Ted
Publisher: F.A. Mills
Date: 1904

Title: Now for a stranger don't cast me aside : song and chorus
Composer: Guy, Harry P.
Publisher: Whitney Warner Pub. Co.,
Date: 1898

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